As developers, we know that naming things is fucking hard. That’s why when it comes to our dev team, we’re not only serverless - we’re also nameless.

Just like our code, we’re made up mostly of 0’s and 1’s.

0 (zero)

Back End Developer

Specialises in arguing with Craft CMS developers on GitHub and occassionally docking with 0.5. Orignally from the streets of Compton, now rides the Catbus to work.

0.5 (zero point five)

Technical Director

Mostly assembling IKEA desks, refurbishing wireless keyboards and playing Tekken at home during work hours. Personal wardrobe consists entirely of Superdry t-shirts and cheerleader skirts.

1 (one)

Front End Developer

Usually found napping, kicking 0.5’s chair levers and waiting for Ed Sheeran tickets. Also enjoys listening to K-Pop, catching Pokémon and seeing dogs get hit in the face with frisbees.

2 (two)

Senior Front End Developer

Unpaid intern who has taken a look at the React documentation a couple of times. Is on track to finish the free CodeAcademy HTML lessons by the end of the year, with an average score of ~12%.

3 (three)

Front End Developer

Atom user on the surface, but a Vim user at heart. Loves cats and cat related accessories. Currently working on the spec for HTML6 and is an active contributor to the MooTools library.

Interested in working with us?

We’re hiring for a new Senior Front End Developer role right now.