As developers, we know that naming things is fucking hard. That’s why when it comes to our team, we’re not only serverless - we’re also nameless.

Just like our code, we’re made up mostly of 0’s ~ 1’s.

0 (zero)

CBO (Chief Banana Officer)

Constantly looking for places to hide 🍌 away from anyone else. Occasionally when find some over ripped 🍌 , will secretly feed Office Doge with it. Slogan: The World’s gone BANANA!?

0.1 (zero point one)

The Rainmaker

One of the only 2 in the studio still sticks with Windows. Barely has anything other than cheese, Coles curry, pink heart and unicorns for lunch. If you could successfully convert him over to Mac you will be rewarded with 999 doge coins (maybe).

1 (one)

Senior Digital Producer

Smashing through shit load of projects not even stressed (such Zen). When she’s really stressed she’ll annoy the pub across the road till get shushed out.

1.1 (one point one)

Digital Producer

Probably the only person loves emails and wish to marry emails. Constantly fills devs with their favourite Banana Split tea, the secret drug that makes devs work 200% harder (such angel).

10 (one zero)

Senior Designer

The most peaceful and cultured designer in the world that finishes up tones of briefs with top quality (YOLO non-stopping). If you leave a finger print on her screen she’ll make you into awesome short horror videos that will come up in your dream every single night the rest of your life.

10.1 (one zero point one)

Digital Designer

World’s top level Artificial Intelligence. Smashing through designs like smashing through Espresso Martinis. Piece of cake Yo. If you dare to break her by feeding her happy hour oysters, Office Doge will kick your ass.

101 (one zero one)

Front-End Moccona International Roaster

Heavy Moccona lover. Put an awesome Konami Code in his portfolio site but no one ever noticed which destroyed the young heart. As a result he decided to devote his entire life to finish every single flavour of 1kg package Moccona in the universe instead.

101.1 (one zero one point one)

Front-End Office Doge

Unpaid intern who has taken a look at the React documentation a couple of times. Every single time decides to happily stuck with VueJS her entire life in less than 5 seconds. Life goal is to take over the world with doge wow.