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Senior Front End Developer

Sweet mother of Christ, Digital Agency is hiring again!

Our #1 senior frontend developer has recently jumped out the window and checked himself into a mental hospital after spending months working on a brief to build an Angular app that uses React on the server. The first signs of his madness were switching all of our dependencies away from Yarn over to Bower, destroying all our Docker images and making us use Vagrant again, and insisting that Drupal 8 is “actually pretty okay”.

But enough about him (dead to us), we’ve developed an appetiete for an insatiable new developer to take his place. We’re looking for someone who likes to walk alone but can lead a pack of animals when required, someone who doesn’t get comfortable and likes to constantly push the boundaries - never settle.

We want you to be the frontend developer version of The Bride from Kill Bill or Morpheus from The Matrix. Think that’s you? It’s time to take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

First of all, we’re a bunch of radical misfits who answer to no one. We love having fun and playing pranks, so if you’re a sensitive artist who gets offended by jokes and likes crying to to Radiohead songs, you’ll be out of here faster than you can say “rebuild node-sass”.

Mobile first? What year are you in? At Digital Agency we’re print first and proud of it - accept no substitutes. If your website is accessible and looks great on paper, you better believe it’s gonna be fucking amazing on every other goddamn device you can think of. We even include custom overlay folding instructions in our print stylesheets for origami based Javascript fallbacks.

If you like all of the following, you will likely be considered: HTML (BEM), CSS (Sass), cats, Javascript (ES6), React, Node, Craft CMS, K-pop, PHP, AWS, Nicolas Cage, progressive enhancement, accessibility, brake pads, atomic web design and Docker (docking).

Your role will include: attending meetings, complaining about Drupal, naming HTML classes, doing deployments, writing functional specs, attempting to keep up with the latest Javascript frameworks, trying to get your team excited about accessibility and sometimes working on building the best websites and node apps that you’ve ever laid your milky eyes on.

Oh, what’s that? You want to talk perks? Okay, let me break it down for you, baby. When you join Digital Agency, you’ll get a fucking Sublime Text license key, a replica Herman Miller chair from our general manager’s house, a wireless keyboard (personally refurbished by our technical director), fresh bread deliveries weekly (sometimes), a Superdry t-shirt for your work uniform and direct access to the best hardware from 2011 that money can buy.

To prove you’re not a bot, please reply to this ad with the subject line: “I’m down for docking with Digital Agency!”.

Our technical director will reply to you at his earliest convenience, sometime between his primary jobs of wireless keyboard refurbishment and assembling IKEA desks.

Looking forward to declining your application, <3 Digital Agency.

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